0800 234 3538

free from a landline

800 234 3538 from a mobile
(some charges may apply)

or direct on

07923 313 777



240v 13amp appliances

110v 16amp/32amp appliances

0-15 items

Dependant on location , click  here   for details

16-50 items

1.59 per item

51-250 items

1.39 per item

251-1000 items

1.29 per item

1001 and above

1.09 per item

0-10 items

Dependant on location , click   here   for details

16-50 items

1.99 per item

51-250 items

1.69 per item

251-1000 items

1.59 per item

1001 and above

1.39 per item

Landlords with multiple properties,  where there are only a few items per property  are priced as follows: 

 The first 5 items in each property will be charged at 15

additional items in the same property are charged at 1.59 per item.

If the total number of items exceeds 50 then the additional item price is reduced to 1.39 per item.


We will do our best to beat the competition so please call for a quote!

Minimum charge for our Drop-in service is 25 (includes the first 10 items)

Minimum charge for call-out is dependant on your location click here for details

Cost of 240v testing includes fitting standard UK 13a plugs and fuses for free

Small repairs (under 10 minutes and no parts) are free

Larger repairs (Greater than 10 minutes + parts) will be priced at the time and permission requested from the responsible person before work commences.

Re-tests after repairs on the same day are free.

Any car parking charges incurred due to the location of the premises being tested will be charged to the customer.

 note that there is no price uplift for our ‘Out of Hours’ service
Click here for our full Terms and Conditions

For large volume  contracts  please call us on 0800 234 3538 for a quote

When comparing costs, please note that we are not VAT registered which means that you will not be charged any VAT for our service.